Software Testing Secrets

It’s been 25 years since our Managing Director, Matt Heusser, gave his first lightning talk at OSCon. These five-minute talks are powerful because the speaker actually has time to make one point and make it well. With lightning talks don’t afford you the time to have a joke, define a word, an agenda slide, a summary slide, so that the audience doesn’t realize that the speaker didn’t really say anything. A classic example of this might be leader who talks about having the essential “people, processes, and tools” to be successful at whatever the department’s title is. In the years that have followed, Excelon has been active in lightning talks at a variety of events.

And then there’s youtube.

In honor that anniversary we’ve started a new series on Software Testing Secrets, hosted on Youtube. They’ll be coming out weekly; bite-sized, actionable yippety yap we hope you’ll find value in, that can also tell you how we think about software delivery, to help you decide if working with us might be a fit.

Here’s the first one; it’s only five minutes long.


Along the way Matt will grow out his beard, so there’s something to look forward too.

If you don’t like videos and want to read something, there’s a post up on TechTarget on Testing the next generation of financial technology that you might enjoy as well.

Let us know what you’d like to hear about for the video series – ask us anything – in the comments below.

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