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So you’ve been offered a wonderful opportunity, great pay, 100% remote, learning new  things for Excelon Development.  Now you can work from the comfort of your own home, drinking fancy coffee creamer instead of powdered Community Coffee Creamer particles.  Working in sweatpants is completely acceptable and nobody will smell the onions from that Subway Sandwich on the far corner of your desk.

There’s one minor detail however, that makes you feel rather insecure.  This job is a 1099 contractor job and you will not have the option to buy into corporate based medical insurance.  Personally I know that fear rather well, I was you several months ago.

Fortunately, 1099 contractors are not in an insecure job.  If you switched jobs today you’d have a 90 day or perhaps 6 month probationary period.  During that time, you may not be eligible for any sort of medical insurance or company benefits.  

When it comes to obtaining medical benefits, I can assure you it’s very easy and also affordable!  Head over to healthcare.gov and fill out the required application.  The approval is very fast and the steps are easy to follow.  Once approved, you can select the plan that works best for you, use filters to find plans covering your current doctors.  Once you have your desired doctors filtered you can select the plan that works best for you. Plan prices vary and are comparable to corporate health insurance plans you would be offered at a standard W-2 job.  Mind your filters and coverage, you can even get a plan that will cover advanced medicine and treatment at places like The Mayo Clinic.

Once you’ve selected your plan, it will go into effect on the first of the following month.  You will receive a separate letter by mail with instructions of how to pay for your plan and a note that your ID cards will be mailed following first payment.  From there, they offer monthly payment plans, either once or twice a month through an online portal.  After receiving your ID cards, take them to your doctor to be scanned and that’s it!   


If you are in need of guidance with health care coverage for your and your family, I am happy to help at anytime. Please email me at jamie@xndev.com to chat.

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