On working remote and mini-retreats …

A lot of us are working remote now. That is good. It seems that most of us have just traded a cubicle for a home office.The road to cherry hill lane

That wasn’t the point; we were supposed to work anywhere. Personally, I just got back from a five-day mini-retreat to Braddock Heights, Maryland, and points beyond. I found that if I traveled on the weekend I could easily get in a four to eight hour work day and enjoy the sights. Not only that, but my work day tended to be more focused on planning and vision than execution. We need that, every now and again. We need to go to the top of cherry hill in Braddock Heights, where it looks out over middletown, to see what’s possible. In my case literally, but also metaphorically.

I think everybody should do a mini-retreat.

Excelon is going to provide up to a $500 travel reimbursement for our employees to get out of the home office this fall.

We’re not a big company, we don’t have deep pockets, and we win business because of low overhead and tight margins. This little experiment is just that, an experiment. For now, it applies to employees only, not contractors. Assuming I can convince my CPA and business continues, we may expand it.

For today, here are a couple pictures from my trip. I have also made several of my facebook posts public with many more pictures and stories.

This is amazing. Totally impossible without vacation just a few short years ago. Today, totally possible, you just need a little … push.

My company is pushing.

Importance of Mini-retreats


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