GitHub is for everybody! Get Started with this software testing must-have.

Version Control is essential in the world of software testing. If you ever wanted to learn a free, modern version control system – at least enough to get started – really fast, well, today is your lucky day.

I seriously today, right after I click save.

Online Test Conf- learn more about Software Testing

I’m doing a free online presentation called GitHub Is For Everyone today, 13 January, in about twenty minutes at 1:15PM eastern at the OnlineTestConf. We’re going to blow through how to create an account in github and add changes.

Honestly, I expect it will be more than a little overwhelming for people. Our advice is to watch the video, then watch it again, following along to get into flow – then use the comments here if you get stuck.

Once the video is archived, I’ll put as much here as a can, like a link, slides, etc.

Update One: I’ve put the slides up on slideshare.

Update Two: And Now we’ve got the video on Youtube.


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