Road Trips and Hitchhikers

The Agile Alliance Technical Conference, or AATC, will be April 19-21 at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, MA. Of course, Excelon will be there.

And, for once, we’re going to drive.

That means a road trip from West Michigan. We could go through Detroit, Kitchener, Rochester/Albany/Buffalo. Or we could take the southern route, through Cleveland, and Erie, possibly past Ft. Wayne Indiana.

The plan so far is just our Managing Director, Matt Heusser, to leave on the 17th of April, possibly spending a night on the way, with time for some customer visits in the Boston area on the 18th.

If you’d like to set up something on the way down or back, or, possibly, join the road trip, send us a note – matt at xndev dot com.



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