Some New DevOps Materials

I’m working on some new DevOps materials which I would like to link to; I figured a safe place to put them was a blog post.

The first, and probably more valuable, is a simple boardgame that demonstrates DevOps concepts. At this point I would call it an advanced beta; the one thing I am tweaking is the number of coins in each ’round.’ It’s based on something Noah Sussman demonstrated in his tutorial at TestBash:NY in 2015 and called the Abilene Sandpile Game.

The second is a file full of log output, available from Monitorware. The only problem with the monitorware is the file is a RARed RARed archive, and I don’t want people to have to downloaded unrar to get it. So I’m offering the file here, in plain text, in all its glory. If all goes well i’ll also be offering a tutorial on how to revise the file, in Ruby, very shortly. Don’t worry, I’ll post a link here!

Hopefully these DevOps materials can be useful for you!

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