Test Estimation Hacks — Plus An Interview!

If you can’t make  QualityJam, the QASymphony user conference next week, you can still listen to Matt and Justin in the webinar “Test Estimation Hacks“, the week after, April 21st, from 2-3PM Eastern.

We’re especially pleased to say that the webinar is about actually estimating the test process – it is not a sales presentation. You’ll leave with a half-dozen ways to think about estimating, from the micro “can you finish it by lunch?” to the macro new product development. The techniques themselves apply to nearly any role, while the details help explain why coming up with length in testing can be so counter intuitive — and what to do about it.

Matt, our Managing Director, was also recently interviewed in Testing Circus Magazine. Follow the link  and scroll down a bit to get the free PDF.


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