Springtime in Southern Michigan …

For the past couple of months I’ve been in Michigan, doing consulting/contracting for a local client.

Whoever romanticized long-term road trips was wrong; it is nice to be home every night.  (I blame Jack Kerouac).

The good news is that I live in the Midwest, and Detroit and Chicago are possible day trips, so I can speak at a user group and be home at night.

Last week I presented at the GR-Testers Meetup, for the first time in a couple of years.  The location was The Factory, a wonderful coworking spot in downtown Grand Rapids.  The next meeting of GR-Testers will be March 11th.

Speaking of March, I’ll be presenting at Agile and Beyond in Dearborn on March 9th, as well as the Mid-Michigan Testers Meetdown March 23rd in Okemos, Michigan, at the Headquarters of Techsmith Corporation.

For West Coasters, I’ll be in San Diego in April for STPCon.

Can’t Get to Michigan Or San Diego?

Gosh, I’m sorry.  Here’s a few, from-your-computer ideas – first, after the GR-Testers Meetup, Phil Kirkham started a discussion on Software Testing Club about “Attention to Detail“; join the conversation!  (My reply to the thread makes a whole lot more sense than my in-person rant, but still needs refinement.).  You might also enjoy my article for CIO.com on concrete steps toward “provably correct software.”  You can thank my editor for the attention grabbing headline!

I publish new articles about every week; you can follow my Google Plus Profile to get automatic updates.

Finally, you might check out the Excelon future events page, which has me coming to Amsterdam, New York City, Germany, Nashville, and Madison, WI.  If we can’t meet up at any of those places, well, I don’t have much planned for December or November …

… yet.



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