September Software Test&Performance

I just got my copy of the September Issue of Software Test and Performance in the mail yesterday.

Yes, I got a September Magazine on September first. Not August 15th. Not October 5th. The timing is actually right. Amazing.

The theme is on outsourced testing, and yes, Chris McMahon and I have a column on page 8. (And yes, we listed The Boutique Tester as one model of test outsourcing.)

If you register, you can download the PDF – or you can read the article directly on the web.

The new, re-tooled has a comments feature, so please, feel free to put comments up here or on the website.

We’re working on a column on coverage right now; if you send us your thoughts early, you could help make a better column …

BONUS: This week’s informationweek had a back-page editorial on outsourcing; I thought you might like to compare and contrast to what Chris and I did for ST&P.

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