But wait, there’s … more!

So, something relatively unique happened last week. As usual, people were talking about testing on the JoelOnSoftware discussion list, and I recommended the context driven school.

One of the posters, Gene Wirchenko, thanked me.

No, that wasn’t the unique thing. Sheesh.

What was odd was that he said:

“Matthew, thank you for an excellent link. I particularly liked the link in it to interest analysis.”

Interest analysis? Interest Analysis? I had no idea what the guy was talking about.

It turns out that the context-driven definition has been supplemented; there is all kinds of new material. It does into more depth and more explanation. It’s even better.

And yes, there is a link to a video about how to conduct a stakeholder interest exercise – you have to scroll down to see it. You might want to check it out again, for the first time.

One comment on “But wait, there’s … more!

  1. Hi Matthew,
    Good post, thanks for pointing it out.

    I particularily like the section on
    “Contrasting context-driven with context-aware testing”

    I think lots of good testers naturally perform context-aware testing but not context-driven testing.


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