GTAC – Bonus Section #3:

Another speaker claimed that “The only Exhaustive Testing is when the tester is exhausted” – we agree. By Exhausive Frameworks, I mean the ability to do everything. The problem is that by being _able_ to do everything, we use abstractions that make it hard to do any specific thing.

Sometimes, a quick-and-dirty, only-works-for-this-app, only-works-for-this-screen automation provides the highest ROI.

My approach is rapid test automation – but do what works for you.

(The concept is similar to James Bach’s Rapid Software Testing – Used with permission)

One comment on “GTAC – Bonus Section #3:

  1. This reminds me of the Alan Kay’s famous words: “Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible.”

    Creating a limited framework on top of an existing language allows you to do the common and simple tasks easily using your framework and use the underlying language for the more complex tasks.

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