References, Holidays, and Enterprise Architecture!

First of all, Agile Shark Jumpin’ got a reference last week on Nifty!

Second, I am taking a short sabbat from Creative Chaos over the next few days. There may be a couple of posts next week, and more serious stuff after the new year.

When we come back: More from Jim Brosseau, I will discuss enterprise architecture (a little), and perhaps maybe finally deconstruct blue man group.

I’m no good with sappy Christmas sign-offs, so I’ll just be honest. I’ve had an awful Advent. It’s _supposed_ to be a season of preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ. I haven’t prepared. I haven’t prayed enough. I skipped Bible Study. Lately, I have even been short with the kids.

Here’s the thing – knowning all that, he’ll still come for us anyway next week – and knowning full well what he will do for us on Good Friday.

I suppose I do have something to celebrate, after all …

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