My 2008 speaking calendar is listed below.   If you would like me to speak to your group, you can email me for information regarding availability. I can speak on any of these topics, or develop something custom for your group. If speaking materials are posted, you can feel use them personally; I do require written permission for the reuse of my materials in a formal setting.

    Nov 4-5, 2008 - Grand Rapids - Software Excellence
      Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference 2007
      Conference Volunteer

    August 13-15, 2008 - Grand Rapids - Technical Debt
      Workshop On Technical Debt
      Lead Organizer

    March 23-24, 2008 - San Mateo, CA - Software Testing
      The Software Test and Performance Conference,
      Lightning Talks
      So you're doomed
      Evolution/Revolution And Software Testing
      Reinventing Software Testing

For reference material you can see my 2007 presentations, 2006 presentations or 2005 presentations.